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To help ensure the security of card data, financial service companies are adopting Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. This is a group of standards and regulations established by leading credit card organizations to prevent the theft of cardholder data and fight credit card fraud. Organizations that that would like to accept on-line credit card payments must comply with the strict requirements of PCI DSS.  Companies that independently process online payments must design and manage their websites to meet these expensive and continuously evolving requirements or use a third party service provider.  AlgoCharge is fully PCI DSS compliant and ready to process online credit card payments on behalf of your organization.  Merchants that meet the PCI DSS requirements can use the direct server to server interface (API).


PCI DSS requirements for Electronic Payments

The AlgoCharge gateway and technology fully complies with the PCI DSS requirements, and provides merchants with multiple technical integration and solutions.  In addition, we offer a variety of interfaces that meet your specific customer experience requirements. Our interface options include:


Hosted payment pages, AlgoCharge payment pages

PCI compliance requirements include: Protecting Cardholder Data Encryption is required in order to accept credit cards over electronic networks. Cardholder data is always encrypted and stored in a protected environment. Maintaining a Secure Network AlgoCharge utilizes advanced firewalls to maintain a secure network.  Our enhanced configurations ensure card holder data protection. Maintaining Vulnerability Management Systems Our state-of-the-art antivirus software is regularly updated in order to identify the latest online threats. In addition, we use specialized security protocols, applications and systems to ensure network and database security. Strict Access Control Protocols Access to cardholder data is highly restricted. Unique IDs are assigned to persons with computer access and physical access to cardholders’ data is completely restricted. Regular Monitoring and Network Testing Network resources and cardholder data is regularly monitored. In addition, our security systems and processes are tested on a timely basis. Maintaining an Information Security Policy Policies that address information security are reviewed often to ensure maximized effectiveness.




December 13, 2014