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Design your payment page to fit your web site look and feel, and we will host it under our secure environment, meeting the PCI DSS strict data security requirements. You can design the payment page functionality to fit your specific business needs, including subscriptions management, recurring payments, Multi-currency requirements and many more.

Choose one of the following additional payment page options or integration models to meet your specific requirement



New! Mobile

We proudly present our new and fully supports mobile interface

Enables your clients to be connected and active more than ever.

Integrated credit card and alternative payment options for better conversion

Fully customizable, tailored per merchant



Hosted Payment Page

Use the AlgoCharge Hosted Payment Page solution for a quick start and improved customer experience.

Hosted Payment Pages can be configured with your company logo and a custom background color.


No view Payment page

Use your own payment pages sending the protected card information for processing on the AlgoCharge server. Use this option if you would like to retain your customers within your webpages, but do not have PCI-DSS certification. Credit card information will be sent from the payment page directly to AlgoCharge for processing. Notifications from AlgoCharge will be sent to the user and to your servers for added security.


Server to Server

Merchants whom have PCI DSS certification, can use the AlgoCharge direct server to server interface (API, application programmer Interface) to connect their web application to the AlgoCharge Payment gateway. All of the AlgoCharge added value services are provided under this single technical interface, including payment processing, billing services, risk & fraud management and CRM services.


Iframe integration is used to display a webpage within a webpage. You can link the iframe to show anything from anywhere on the web with the use of iframes. We provide an iframe code that you can integrate into your webpage where you want the iframe to appear.

Virtual Terminal

A call center application is also available, sometimes referred to as a virtual terminal. Every call center terminal has access to your payment server in real-time which now offers you credit and debit card payment methods with a small number of key strokes. The virtual terminal is a web-based application, and hence does not require the call center operators tedious log-in processes.

Purchase link

Simply add HTML links or buttons to start processing credit cards transactions from your web site or any other online property.





December 11, 2014