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WPayment Process AlgoChargehat is the payment process?

Is it really that simple? In fact it is, as you can see from the explanation here below

Payment Gareway Algocharge

When a customer places an order from your online shop the data is transferred automatically via the various payment page options, to the AlgoCharge servers. The payment details are analyzed by our fraud screening service and, once approved, they are sent to the relevant acquiring bank.

Merchant receives real time notification of fraudulent activities, and fraudulent users are automatically added to dynamic blacklists.

The acquiring bank receives data of the credit card transactions from AlgoCharge and settles those transactions with the issuing banks via the respective credit card association (Visa, MasterCard AMEX etc.). Issuing bank approves or rejects the transaction and returns this information to AlgoCharge via the acquiring bank along with the associated approval or rejection codes.

AlgoCharge processes the response from the acquirer, updates the Merchant’s account and sends the response to the Merchant and customer. The complete process takes place in less than one second.

For increased security AlgoCharge payment processes include an additional encrypted background authorization process to validate the payment authorization.



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December 14, 2014