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The ALGOCHARGE Starter Kit is a comprehensive solution for small and medium merchants that do not qualify for a direct processing account with a credit card acquiring bank.  Our Starter-Kit merchant account enables your company to start processing payments in as little as 48 hours.

Our Starter Kit Solution meets all your processing requirements with the following benefits:

The ALGOCHARGE Starter Kit is designed to solve your organization’s domiciliation and licensing requirements.  To avoid credit card chargebacks, online merchants can choose the unique descriptor that is displayed on credit card purchasers’ monthly statement.  To save you time and money, our processing services are fully PCI DSS compliant.

Start processing online payments with your own descriptor with the ALGOCHARGE Starter Kit in 3 easy steps:

Start Processing Online Payments With 3 Easy Steps

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Transitioning to a Direct Processing Account

Due to constant changes in the e-commerce environment, new online companies find it difficult to obtain a direct processing account with an acquiring credit card bank.  The ALGOCHARGE Starter-Kit merchant account enables new European companies to establish a healthy transaction history and increased processing volume.  When your European company is eligible for a direct processing arrangement, ALGOCHARGE offers your organization a distinct and easy migration from our Starter Kit merchant account to your own direct processing account.

After your organization’s monthly processing volume increases with a low chargeback ratio, we work with your company to establish a direct processing account with our European bank partners.  To avoid losses, your customers will continue to enjoy the same credit card purchasing experience after the transition takes place.

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