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For more than a decade, AlgoCharge has been combining its state-of-the-art-technology with global acquiring payment solutions. This allows us to offer your online organization with comprehensive payment processing and fraud management services. AlgoCharge offers your company access to wide-ranging payment processing services that include credit card and debit card payment processing, online bank transfers and many local and global alternative payment methods. All our services are provided under a single technical interface (API), which helps you organize your financial information and focus on returns.

Merchant Services Credit Card Payment Processing

Our basic payment processing solution supplies you with a multi currency merchant account (MID) from tier one European acquirers. We provide your customers with a descriptor of your business on their credit card transaction history information. Your unique descriptor minimizes the risk of chargebacks, as your name is clearly presented to the cardholder. Our scalable solutions are suited for both start-up operations as well as established companies. To ensure smooth operations and merchant satisfaction, all our services are backed by a professional and friendly support team. AlgoCharge supports multi-business models that match your organization’s specific business and technical requirements

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November 29, 2014