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a big promise of protection at the expense of volume?



                                  THINK AGAIN!

Although it is a fair statement saying that 3D effects conversion rate, we can see that in many territories introducing 3D actually has a positive effect. we can even see higher value transactions being authorized.

We all know the following benefits of 3D secure

*reduce CB

*reduce fraud to sell ratio

*Process high value transaction

But Did you know that 3D secure approval rate is as high as face to face approval rate?

New data on 3D transactions provided from Endeavour MPI and MasterCard will amaze you. 

Now 3D secure can give you the flexibility and control you need to keep maximizing your volume.

And you can fit the 3D secure to your business needs and clientele portfolio.   

When using our 3D secure service, you dynamically control which transactions will go through the 3D secure process by setting parameters ahead: per BIN, amount and currency.

How does it work?

In order for a 3D secure transaction to occur, both client (end user) and merchant needs to connect with the service

The client needs to register with his card issuer as a 3D secure/VBV user and the merchant needs to integrate this capability on his website.

An additional benefit as a service to our merchants. We’re enabling you to direct your clients to secure process even if they are not registered. The transaction will be flagged under “Merchant attempted to verify/authenticate at MAX level” which will give you the best secure process and protection there can be.


3D secure is a risk management tool, given to the e-commerce industry by MasterCard and Visa to assist with reducing fraudulent activity which is attacking all merchants in the online world. The industry is marching towards a full 3D secure processing. Get to know all benefits today while securing your long term relations with card scheme and acquirers.


June 25, 2015