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, a big promise of protection at the expense of volume?                                       THINK AGAIN! Although it is a fair statement saying that 3D effects conversion rate, we can see that in many territories introducing 3D actually has…

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How do we do it?

What is the payment process? Is it really that simple? In fact it is, as you can see from the explanation here below When a customer places an order from your online shop the data is transferred automatically via the various payment page options, to the AlgoCharge servers. The payment details are analyzed by our…

PCI certified

To help ensure the security of card data, financial service companies are adopting Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. This is a group of standards and regulations established by leading credit card organizations to prevent the theft of cardholder data and fight credit card fraud. Organizations that that would like to accept on-line credit card…

It’s so easy, 1. Client places an order on your website- Payment data being sent to us at AlgoCharge and we process the payment (Our behind the scene work) 2. We return confirmation to the client and synchronize purchase details with your servers. you must see it to believe it.   click or scan