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Credit Card Fraud Detection in Binray Options & Forex Fraud prevention and analysis

Fraud prevention is extremely important for online commerce. This is especially true for merchants who are responsible for costs of unbilled products and possible fines.  AlgoCharge offers a fraud management module that assists in blocking fraudulent transactions.  This module includes several fraud prevention and risk management filters. AlgoCharge’s advanced systems combine algorithmic technologies with historical transaction data to effectively identify subtle patterns in purchasing habits and suspicious online transactions. Our dynamic filters backed by an experienced team continuously monitor our systems.  This enables AlgoCharge to deliver reliable results while avoiding false positives.

Credit Card Fraud Detection

AlgoCharge processing and payment solutions include a built-in risk and fraud management systems for secure payment processing. These systems provide multilevel fraud protection, including general black lists and customer specific white lists. Our more advanced fraud protection features include:

AVS for selected countries.

Customer-specific white lists.

Continuously updated white/black list database

Geo-based filters with user IP, BIN and user declaration data.

Filters that monitor specific online user activity by name, credit card, email address or IP address.

Increased risk management based on AlgoCharge security algorithms and filters

With AlgoCharge, your company’s online fraud is kept at a minimum. Our use of highly advanced risk management tools ensure comprehensive fraud detection. Our web-based fraud management system was designed by leading experts in the payment services industry.

Key Benefits

AlgoCharge’s fraud prevention systems ensure a higher acceptance rate, reduced chargeback risk and lower operational costs. Our systems reduce unbilled sales and enhance your organization’s ability to accept payments from more countries and regions.



Our underwriting and compliance department is working round the clock to make sure your account will be opened with meeting all the deadlines and requirements.

Masters in their field, familiar with all regulations round the world, connected to various processors and acquirers, risk and compliances people, enabling you to go through the ropes with minimum hassle as possible.

Our team is fluent is several languages to make the process easier, and are aware of the urgency in account opening time frame and flexibility

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PO Collaboration

The PO collaboration is designed to assist our merchants with learning how to manage and control their Risk Management and Fraud detection.

A Service /Product all high volume merchant or inspiring merchants must have these days.

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November 26, 2014