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Real Time Back Office AlgoCharge AlgoCharge supplies our merchants with a comprehensive back office platform.

AlgoCharge presents you with a monthly business summary of your company’s online traffic and transaction history. Your monthly back office summary includes:

Refunds, Associated Costs, Successful settled transactions, Chargebacks and retrievals, Rolling reserve and amount to be released, Net monies to be paid, Access your Offshore Merchant Accounts


Our BackOffice benefits

Real time business overview of your traffic.

Search and analyze your traffic per transaction type.

Instant updates and statistics of risk performance.

Fully customizable reports that are structured for your specific business needs.

View risk management filters associated with your account.

Perform real-time partial and multiple refunds.


AlgoCharge allows your organization to enjoy the flexibility of being able to customize online reports in a variety of different configurations to ensure that your company meets its specific business goals.  This includes immediate online access to your offshore merchant account, regardless as to your current location.


Chargeback Reports

Chargeback reports include detailed information associated with any chargebacks that were performed over a specific time period. These reports are updated biweekly to provide you with all the details of chargebacks supplied by an acquirer bank.

Transactional Reports

These types of reports provide the most comprehensive information on transactions and are an important tool to gather information about a specific transaction or group of transactions. You have the option of either viewing this report online or downloading it to your computer.

Statistics Reports

The items in this report gives you access to important and useful information.  You can sort transaction information by date, currency and more general statistics.

Risk Reports

AlgoCharge’s online interactive risk management platform supplies you with alerts and complete risk reports.  We send merchants instant alerts on suspicious transactions that are flagged.  In addition,  AlgoCharge’s fraud detection team researches these transactions to minimize the possibility of future fraudulent activity.  The platform gives you additional time to validate the legitimacy of flagged transactions, allowing you to cancel them and reduce chargebacks.


Metadata handling

By using the AlgoCharge Application Programming Interface (API), you can send multiple metadata with each transaction. This data is then presented in the back office, and can be used to further filter your traffic.


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November 27, 2014