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Personal Account Manager AlgoCharge

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As an  AlgoCharge merchant, you receive a personal account manager upon account opening.

Your assigned personal account manager is dedicated to best serve your company to it needs.

Choose The Best Team

We take pride in our Account Managers being capable of creative thinking,

initiative and “Go Getters”.

They will be on their best game when presenting you to potential additional processor, they will present your case internally with exceptional loyalty to your account, with every request or query you might have.

Teamwork Is The Key

Your processing and financial growth is our Account Managers certificate to continue and climb up AlgoCharge ladder of success.

We believe in working together towards achieving the goal, planning, executing and harvesting all the fruits, therefore your assigned account manager is equipped to:

– Think of your BI needs and produce reports tailored for you

– Reach out to various financial institution and market you

– Advise on “how to” better manage, be aware, and control processing activity

– Explain the reconciliation reports

– Instruct on Back Office view

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November 30, 2014