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AlBusiness intelligence for forex & online gaming businesses.goCharge is now offering cutting edge business intelligence for forex, online gaming and e-commerce websites owners.

Panorama Necto

“The most innovative Visualisation & Data Discovery Solution”

And we got it!

Our advanced reporting system has unparalleled capabilities. Not only it allows us to dynamically slice and dice your data for you, according to any parameter you wish, Transaction type , country, currency, accounts, dates and more.

Not only that, it also permits us to transform these reports into visual graphs. This sophisticated and user friendly Business Intelligence system helps merchants reduce risk and increase ROI.


Risk A-Z

Another huge added value for your business intelligence is our risk e-learning service.

Just click on RISK A-Z  to view our posts and learn


All of this as part of our premium service to our clients, with no extra cost required from you.




December 1, 2014