Online gaming operators face serious challenges when looking for reliable and cost effective payment processing solutions. This highly regulated business environment requires a payment service provider possess the knowhow and experience to manage the risk and regulations associated with processing gaming traffic. To set up an International Merchant Account, an online gaming company must be domiciled within the geographical licensing area of your credit card acquirer. Moreover, depending on its domiciliation, a gaming license may be required. The ALGOCHARGE Starter Kit Solution solves your company’s domiciliation and licensing requirements, regardless as to your organization’s size or needs. ALGOCHARGE’s Starter Kit Solution presents an attractive solution for small and medium gaming merchants, enabling you to start accepting payments with your own descriptor within as little as 48 hours. Furthermore, ALGOCHARGE offers a clear and simple migration from your Starter Kit account to your own International Merchant Account. As soon as your monthly processing volume reaches $50,000 USD with a low chargeback ratio, we work with your company to establish a direct processing account with a leading tier 1 European credit card acquirer. ALGOCHARGE’s fraud and risk management tools allow us to accept new gaming merchants, which helps your organization build a processing history. Also, ALGOCHARGE offers solutions for Gaming operators that include CFT (Card Fund Transfer) functionality for Visa Card Holders, enabling you to send funds to a card holder over and above the original deposited transaction.