ALLIANCESIn the processing industry you must be alert and always ready to launch, act, change direction and always on the right track.

For that you must have strong and valuable friends to go a long way, with this understanding we are proud to say that we have the best of them and consistently gaining new ones





PLATFORMS We are Pre-Integrated to all major platforms, and together making sure our merchant’s accounts and service is fully supported on all fields related to processing On-Line.



Law Firms are an important player in the online world, and as such we have built along the years strong and established relationships with the best leading law firms in the industry. To assist our merchants with the forming of their company/ brand / licensing and /or bank accounts



The AlgoCharge Reseller Program offers individuals and companies the opportunity to make added income by referring organizations that require online payment processing.

How does it Work?

  • sign the necessary paperwork
  • Refer or introduce your merchant to AlgoCharge .
  • Receive commissions directly to your bank account.

Subject to your referred merchant processing transactions, the larger the transaction volume by your referred company, the more money you make.

How do I apply?

Simply contact an AlgoCharge sales representative via email: or

Skype algochargesales

We’ll take it from there 🙂

For record purposes, when referring or introducing new companies to AlgoCharge, please send us an email with the contact information of the company you think would benefit from our payment processing services.



Payments Optimization

The PO collaboration is designed to assist our merchants with learning how to manage and control their Risk Management and Fraud detection.

A Service /Product all high volume merchant or inspiring merchants must have these days.

As always we were able to assure an exclusive benefit and discount for each guidance solutions they provide. For more information please contact your personal account manager.