Sarel Tal CEOHi,
My name is Sarel, and I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of AlgoCharge, a leading payment service provider for global online businesses.
My two partners and I have set up AlgoCharge after working in the payment industry for more than 10 years. Based on our vast experience in all aspects associated with the payment industry, we have decided to build the best of breed solution in technology, operations, risk and fraud management, all coupled with a large variety of payment options.
For the last 5 years AlgoCharge is successfully providing its fast growing merchant base with state of the art processing solutions, and we have managed to establish AlgoCharge at the top of the list of payment solution providers servicing the financial industry.
AlgoCharge, is a fully certified Level 1 PCI-DSS payment service provider offering local and global payment solutions for merchants of any size and/or domiciliation. Supporting local and global payment solutions for the Forex, Binary Option, Retail, E-commerce, Travel, App-store and online Casino, Poker and Gaming verticals, AlgoCharge offers a cutting edge high-tech algorithm powered payment processing technology gateway platform utilizing a multi-regional and global infrastructure and including an impressive network of payment acquiring facilities and providers.AlgoCharge, the leading payment processor and gateway for the online retail financial industry offers cutting edge capabilities utilizing the next generation of payment solutions and technology typically geared for online trading, Forex and Binary operations across the globe. Providing brokers, merchants, platforms and content owners advanced yet flexible e-payment, billing and processing technologies and services with a seamless integration supporting and processing over 100 local and global payment methods.When integrated with AlgoCharge merchants can easily accept multicurrency payments from their customers via a large number of global and local payment methods including credit and debit cards, local bank wires, e-wallets and a myriad of various alternative payment methods.The AlgoCharge risk management and anti-fraud system is highly focused on various vertical transaction variables, and assists to maintain the highest possible approval rate while minimizing exposure to fraudulent activity targeting the merchant.
The AlgoCharge starter kit merchant account can be opened and ready for processing within 48 hours for immediate processing prior to setting up and establishing relations with leading acquiring banks for accepting credit card payments to direct merchant accounts (MID).